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My hope for this digital space is to build a platform of creative resources — to share design inspiration, tips & tricks, my go-to sources, lifestyle and career content, and a few personal stories along the way.

I'm a Boston-based creative with nearly ten years of industry experience in interiors, creative photo production, and visual merchandising. I have a seemingly insatiable appetite for design content (see my 44,000 pins) and I'm excited to curate stories, build a community, and connect.

As you read along, I'd love to hear from you! Write to me and share what kind of content you'd like to see more of. I want this journal to be both collaborative and useful.

Why the name 'Morning Light Journal'? My husband and I wake up just before sunrise each day. It's my favorite time; a time for peace and quiet, a time for clean slates. A time when I can look at my design work with fresh eyes and a new perspective. A time when I feel most inspired.

As the sun peaks up above the skyline and starts to fill my room with warm light, I sit down at my laptop with a hot cup of coffee. I light the candle on my desk, settle in, and open my first (of many) computer tabs.

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