Our Budget-Friendly Bedroom Decor

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Our Budget-Friendly Bedroom Decor

Filled with calming neutrals & layered textures

Jim and I are finally settling into our new place in Boston after a truly chaotic year (re Covid layoffs, leaving NYC, and more). It’s a beautiful one-bedroom nestled in South Boston on a quiet, no parking street, just a few blocks from the beach. Filled with natural light all day long, this new space provides me with a sense of peace I have not felt in quite some time.

As the chill in the winter air creeps quietly in, all I want to do is nest, nest, nest and make this space as cozy and calming as possible. We plan to call this apartment home for the next year or two as we save for our first home to buy and while we want to decorate, we’ve decided to do so on a budget and save those big, investment purchases for when we do, one day, own a home.

So here are my budget-friendly selections for our bedroom! Inspired by the likes of Amber Interiors and Studio McGee, I stuck with an earthy color palette and played up the organic textures with creamy linen, soft shearlings, and terracotta. Elevate the space with some matte black and brass details and voila! A serene bedroom of my organic-modern dreams.

Autumn hikes together


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup


If you’re like me and fake plants make you feel like you’re living in a strange, model-unit apartment, dried florals are a great alternative as a low maintenance floral moment. I love these dried yellow Banksias, from Afloral, as a color pop.

Bedroom Decor Product Roundup, Female form vase


I spend a considerable amount of time hunting for decor treasures on Etsy and this ceramic vase makes me feel fancy. Also, loving this queen’s curves. Available in brass, white, and grey stone.


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup

Let's be honest, I'm a sucker for a Joanna Gaines moment. All hail the empire that is Magnolia and give me an episode of Fixer Upper anytime I need some inspiration. I always scour their seasonal Target collections and I'm snagging this to hang over our dresser.


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup

While I may have splurged on an $80 candle for a photoshoot or two, I never buy luxury candles for my own home — I draw the line around $30.

find my favorites here from Anthro and Brooklyn Candle Company

Bedroom Decor Product Roundup


Here's the thing about buying decor online - you can (and WILL) find the same product across lots of sites at varying price points, so be sure to do your research. I found this at Target for $85 but minutes later on Overstock for $60. For larger purchases, sometimes it's better to go with a more reputable retailer for their return policies and customer service, but for a small footstool, I committed and am picking the cheaper option!

find Porch & Den's X-Bench on Overstock and Target


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup

For me, an inviting room is tonal and textural, so bring on the natural layers! A fluffy shearling is lovely for your feet at your bedside, under your desk, or slung over an accent chair for extra cushioning. These range from high-end real hides to super cheap fauxs, so here are a few options! But as an FYI, I bought the cheapest one from Ikea.

Find here at Ikea, Overland, and Room & Board

Bedroom Decor Product Roundup. Bedroom Furniture


This natural linen chair is cushy, elegant, and actually has hidden wheels. My only fear is my blue denim bleeding all over its chicness — it's (gulp) spot clean only. So I'll be tossing a throw on it when working in jeans, but otherwise I think it's beautiful.

Bedroom Decor Product Roundup


I'm pretty sure this fluffy, sherpa blanket was made as a dorm room essential but I don’t care. I’m in my thirties and winter is here, so bury me in all the soft, cloud-like blankets PLEASE. I purchased two — one for the bedroom, one for our living room.


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup, Bedroom Furniture

I’ve had large nightstands and the truth is I always found that they simply collected clutter. Its drawers became a hide away spot for miscellaneous items - my passport, scribbled notes, jewelry, stacks of books. In an attempt to change my hoarder ways, I've simplified and now Jim and I each have a simple Ikea stool at our bedsides. With just enough surface space for a water glass, phone, and book these stools are ideal to reduce the clutter.


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup, Bedroom Lighting

Jim and I each have one of these mounted over our nightstands, just beside our bed, for evening reading and relaxing. I love a mounted light and the more I can remove from my surfaces, the better.

Area Rug, 5' x 7'- $110


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup, Area Rug

An authentic, antique area rug can set you back a few thousand dollars. And while I think the investment can be worth it, I’m going to save those splurge purchases for when we finally own a home one day. In the meantime, as a renter, I need affordable decor options for this temporary space and this printed Loloi rug is perfect. Remember, DO YOUR RESEARCH. This rug was twice the cost on Lulu & Georgia, but I found it listed on sites like Overstock and Amazon for significantly cheaper. As a warning, it's a wee bit more olive than rust in person.


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup, Throw Pillow

Throw pillows can get expensive - like hundreds of dollars expensive - but I found this rust, extra-long lumbar pillow on Home Depot’s site. Sometimes great things are found in unexpected places.

Find here on Home Depot and Walmart

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - $40-80


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup, Plant, Fiddle Leaf Tree

For plants, I highly recommend you shop locally. Find a nearby nursery or city flower market and, if you don’t have one, check out your nearest hardware stores. Buying plants from trendy online retailers comes with an expensive mark-up and you’ll receive lower quality plants that are stressed from all the shipping. A living fiddle leaf fig could cost you upwards of $200 online. Ours was purchased at our local bodega for $40 - and is thriving after two-plus years in our home.


Bedroom Decor Product Roundup, Lighting

I’m considering this gorgeous brass minimal momma for over my desk. Available hardwired or plug-in, I love this Etsy find.

What are your favorite resources for bedroom decor? Comment and share below!