Elevated Valentine’s Day Decor

I am, by nature, a romantic —

I love love; my favorite movies are cheesy rom-coms and I’ll devour a good beach read love story any day. So logically it would only follow that I adore Valentine’s Day — but, historically, this has not been the case. Maybe it was the series of ~ non-gentlemanly ~ boys I dated in my early twenties or just a general angsty mood that hovered over my younger years, but I always let the holiday pass with a tinge of sadness. This year, though, is different. The dark cloud that was 2020 has left me with the desire to shower myself with self-love and I am, in fact, a newlywed. So I find myself wanting to embrace Valentine's Day this time round.

My sister, an incredible mama to three children under the age of six, makes it a point to decorate for every holiday, ensuring their home is always festive and fun for the kids. When February hits, her mantle is donned with a banners of pink, paper cut hearts, her dish towels swapped for red ones, and there’s no shortage of Valentine's candy in decorative dishes around the house. I don't have children yet, but what if I want to bathe my space in all the rosey, blush, and scarlet colors of the season?

So, here’s what I’m eyeing to embrace the day of Saint Valentine in my home, in a grown up way.

For Your Tabletop

Twist, Curve pink and red candle
Pink Glass Pitcher and Drinking Glasses
Red and pink linen napkins, home decor

Handmade Twist Candle - $45

Linen Napkins - $70

Pink Pitcher & Glasses - $75 - $120

Little Ceramic Bowls - $24

For Your Workspace

Pink Glass Watering Can, Home decor
pink ceramic knot, home decor
Red leather jewelry holder

Dried Florals - $24

Glass Watering Can - $28

Pink Knot - $97

Red Leather Catchall - $95 - $125

For Your Bedroom

Pink and Red Notebook, Office Accessories
pink slippers
White pillow with red scalloped trim

Bonsoir Pillow - $68

Ceramic Vase - $35

Color Block Notebook - $27

Pink Slippers - $38

For Your Bathroom

Essential Oil Diffuser Red
Cold Picnic Bathmat
Pink and red storage can

Torso Bathmat - $60

Essential Oil Diffuser - $25

Bubble Cube Candle - $14

Storage Tin - $10

What Valentine's decor items are you grabbing?